Win $2500 to help you reach your athletic goals!


Nuun is offering a $2500 cash stipend to a Nuuness chasing her athletic dreams! The stipend will be awarded to a female applicant who will best make use of the funds to overcome a barrier in between her and her athletic goals.

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Female athletes in the United States & Canada, from casual to elite, are eligible for the award. The ultimate recipient of said application should identify with the “she” pronoun, but persons of all genders are encouraged to submit applications on behalf of an inspirational Nuuness in their life.  *See further eligibility requirements below

Did you qualify for a race, but don’t have the travel budget? Do you have dreams to complete the PCT, but need help with sabbatical finances? Could you use some extra daycare hours and budget to afford you more time for training? 

The Nuuness award was designed exactly for women like you! 


As part of the application process, Nuun requires a video submission (up to 5-minutes maximum). This video should feature the Nuuness applicant and answer the questions:

  • Tell us about yourself (or your nominee)! Why should you and your story be considered for the Nuuness Award?
  • What goal are you (or your nominee) in pursuit of? What challenges will need to be overcome to achieve said goal?
  • How do you plan to use a $2500 Nuuness Award cash stipend?
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Just like every step towards the finish line matters, every ingredient in our product matters. 

That’s why we at Nuun make all our products low in sugar, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan-friendly.


We’re proud to say we’ve been Verified Non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project, and Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. 

We never use artificial sweeteners, and we always use natural flavors.

Our complete electrolyte blends are sourced from the earth, not synthesized in a lab. So, go ahead, sip and share with confidence.

We know what we put in our product matters because what you put in your body matters. That’s our commitment to Clean Hydration. 

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